About Glass Fiber Film Covered  Flat Aluminium Wire

Flat Fiber glass wrapped aluminium wire for winding machine

Copper or Aluminum rectangular Wire

    Narrow side size a : 0.80mm-5.60mm

    Broad side size b : 2.00mm-16.00mm

    Copper or Aluminum Round Wire


    If specification is out of range, please

Fiber Glass lapped conductors (bare or enameled) are very suitable for windings of electric
motor stators, generators, special transformers and high  voltage motors. In general this
insulation  can be applied where high mechanical strength and high insulation properties
are required. It exhibits a very high degree of mechanical  and  thermal  stability.
Temp. Class:F 155°C,H 180°C
Type of Insulation: Single /Double Layer of Glass Fiber
 & Impregnated with Class F 155°C,H 180°C Varnish